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Restaurants also serve food

My new book – Restaurants also serve food – is now available at £15.25 plus postage.

This book is based on my experience of working with executives in fast-moving consumer goods companies who succeed in selling to retailers but struggle to replicate that success when they sell to restaurants and other operators in the foodservice sector.

While both retailers and restaurants buy food, only retailers sell food - restaurants also sell something else. I go into detail about the nature of this ‘something else’, why it is so fundamentally important and what it means for people who supply food and the myriad of other products that foodservice operators buy and use every day.


Date Published Cost per copy
Quarterly Briefing Report
Annual Subscription
September 2019 to June 2020 £1,200
The Foodservice Market April 2019 £750
Factors affecting the Foodservice Sector March 2019 £750
Ones to Watch November 2019 £950

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